Youth Summer Camp Program...

History & Purpose

During the summer months, The Mission will host the Youth Fellowship Foundation (YFF) Youth Summer Camp program. YFF will provide an inexpensive, positive, activity-filled experience for your child. Our program is exclusively geared toward providing your child with a fun-filled summer of friendship, guidance, education, exercise, nutritional value, and most importantly, we motivate positive peer interaction. We also encourage family unity and invite the entire family to participate in our program of events and activities.

Each and every child is provided with a high degree of guidance from camp mentors. These mentors include county officials, medical assistants, college students, teachers, high school students, and parents, all who genuinely love children.

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Sporting Activities

The Youth Summer Camp also hosts sporting events which include, but not limited to volleyball, basketball, softball, and kickball. Youth Campers also have the opportunity to attend age-appropriate field trips (field trips are not included in the weekly camp fee).

Nutritional Value & Other Services

Your child is provided with breakfast, lunch, and snacks on a daily basis (included in weekly fee).

Group Activities

FUN, FUN, FUN, and more FUN. Summer Youth Campers are encouraged to participate in a host of activities ranging in diversity from Arts & Crafts, Bible Lessons, and an End of Summer Camp Festival.